Saturday, August 13, 2011

macaroni and cheese Saturday

I was up at the crack of dawn today.  I woke up around 6am super congested because of allergies.  I ended up staying up for the day, taking some drugs, and making myself some coffee.  It was nice to relax, sip my coffee, and cruise on my laptop for an hour and half before Avery decided to get up.  Once Avery was awake and had her yogurt and fruit for breakfast, I decided to take us for a walk in the neighborhood.  It was looking pretty overcast which I like when going for walks.  I hate harsh direct morning sun in my face.  It was really humid out this morning, but of course not a drop of rain.  I don't think we have had a good down pour here in Austin since May.

When we got back home, I decided to make a big batch of home made macaroni and cheese.  Avery loves macaroni and cheese.  I have nothing against the store bought kind in the box, but home made macaroni and cheese tastes SO much better.  The recipe I use is really easy and quick, makes a ton and is delicious.  Recipe to follow.
Look at that ooey gooey goodness!  Avery loved it.
For the rest of the afternoon we played and Avery took a long nap.  I did some stuff around the house.  It was a pretty lazy Saturday.  Please excuse Avery's crazy mismatched outfit she is wearing!
Tomorrow we are meeting our friends the Barron's for lunch at Trudy's.  They have awesome Mexican food and I can't wait!

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