Sunday, August 7, 2011

hawaiian chicken and snot bubbles

This morning I decided to try out a new recipe I saw online.  It is Hawaiian Chicken in the crock pot.  I got everything together this morning and in the crock pot so it could cook on low for 6 hours. 
Avery and I did some playing in the play room this morning.  She just loves her books.  She always takes them off her book shelf to look at them.
The book she is looking at is pretty cool.  It has different textures to touch on every page. 
Avery didn't want to take a morning nap for me.  Eric decided to take her up to the fire station real quick to take care of something.  I stayed home and showered and had some lunch.  It was nice to shower and eat in peace.  Once they got home, I decided to head over to Super Target to pick up a few things we needed.  While I was gone, Eric got Avery her lunch and finally got her down for an afternoon nap. 
Avery enjoyed her dinner of scrambled eggs, black beans, shredded cheddar cheese, and pears.  If you enlarge the picture (double click it) you can see as she is eating she is also blowing a huge snot bubble out of her nose!  HA! 

Here is my Hawaiian Chicken all shredded and simmering in the crock pot.  Our house has smelled great all day! 
And here is the finished product!  Dinner turned out fabulous.  We'll be making this recipe again for sure.  Recipe to follow.
Eric and I are going to try and be productive this evening.  We really need to get some cleaning and laundry done, and Eric is preparing for his brew day tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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