Saturday, August 20, 2011

getting ready for grandpa and grandma to arrive!

Today we had lots of stuff to do around the house.  This evening, grandpa Tom and grandma Jan are flying in from Florida to stay with us for a week.  We are all really excited.  We needed to do some cleaning up around the house, some laundry, Eric brewed some beer this morning and had to clean up after that, Eric is also trimming and mowing the lawn, and we are making homemade pizza for dinner.
While I was cleaning up in the kitchen, Avery was checking out the food selection in the fridge.  There isn't much in there kid.  Like mother, like daughter.  Always seeing what is good to eat in the fridge!
Doing a little playing in the playroom while I was working on the computer.  This morning, I took a premature birthday picture of Avery.  I wanted something for her birthday party invitations.  I got her this cute top and tutu at Carter's.  This is only one of her birthday outfits!  Grandma Charlene is making her a personalized wrap dress with matching bloomers, and my friend Jenny who owns Two Sisters Crafting is making her a personalized bib and bloomers set.  We're going to be celebrating her birthday the entire month of September!
I got her invitations made and ordered.  I really need to start figuring out what I need to buy for her party and start getting ready.

My parents land in Austin around 5:30pm.  We are going to have a fun week full of hanging out, going out to eat, SHOPPING, and doing a few things around the house!  I love having family come and visit us.

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