Monday, August 8, 2011

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This morning, Eric got up at 4am to start on his double brew day.  I was impressed he stuck to his plan and got up that early.  It is just too hot here to be working outside later in the day.  Avery and I didn't roll out of bed until 8am!  Here is Eric stirring the grain with the hot water to extract the sugars. 
Boiling a double IPA.
This is called the mash.  All the malted barley and hot water. 
More of the boiling IPA.
Measuring hops on his cocaine scale.  KIDDING PEOPLE.  That was funny though.  All his gear set up on the table in the garage.  He worked out there brewing and then cleaning everything up until around noon.
The brew dog hard at work supervising.
This afternoon once Eric was finished, we all headed over to Sprouts for some groceries and to check out the store.  We had heard good things about Sprouts, but have never been before.  We loved it!  They have great prices on produce and lots of other goodies we eyeballed.  I'll definitely be going back to do more grocery shopping there.

I had to get some pictures of Avery in the tub tonight.  If you look closely, you can see the eggs and cheese stuck in her hair and eyebrows!  She made a huge mess with her dinner tonight.  She just loves bath time. 
Playing with her favorite rubber ducky.  I had to buy Avery some new bath products since her skin is really dry.  I got her this nice smelling Johnson's body wash with baby oil in it.  It is working much better than the plain body wash.  I also had to buy the lavender smelling Johnson's shampoo.  I love that stuff!
My kid has lost her pants.  Seriously.  I have no idea where the matching purple butterfly pajama bottoms went that match this top!  I have looked all over the place.  They aren't in the laundry room, Avery's room, our bedroom, I looked through all the other clothes in the wash to see if it got stuck in something and nothing.  I guess the washer ate them.  I *think* every toy we own is on the floor and in this picture.  What a mess!
Avery loves crawling up to Rolo while he is in his crate.  She tries to get in there with him.  Here is Rolo giving Avery a kiss on the hand while she touches him. 
Our dinner.... delicious beer....
and some awesome home made wheat crust veggie pizza.  It tasted so good!  Eric added some Parmesan on top to give it some crunch.  
I also inhaled a Toblerone candy bar after dinner.  I'm obsessed with those right now.  YUM!  Have a wonderful night. 

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  1. Love this post! That pizza (and beer) looks scrumptious! I miss you guys sooooooooo much!