Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pampers box and chuys

Who needs toys?  This morning after breakfast, Avery had a blast playing in the empty Pampers box.  We pushed her around in it and she loved it.
She tried closing herself inside of the box.
Just having a ball and laughing at her grandma and grandpa.  She is loving having them around.  We are excited that they'll be back down the end of September for Avery's first birthday party.
After Avery took a morning nap and we all got ready, we decided to get lunch at Chuy's.  My dad loves the big as your face burrito they have!  Here are Avery and I before leaving for lunch.
I love this one!  So cute and happy!
She is ready for her rice and beans!  She ate so much at lunch today.  We all did.  I love Chuy's!
My mom let her play with her small Vera Bradley wallet while we finished eating.  She loved that thing!  She has good taste at an early age.
After lunch, we headed over to the mall to walk around for awhile.  I also needed to get my truck battery checked at Sears.  When I go to start my truck, it skips a beat before starting.  The battery checked out fine, but I'm sure a new starter for my truck is in the future.  My Explorer is almost 10 years old.

When we got home, we all laid down and took naps.  I'm still not feeling well and fighting a cold.  We napped until 4pm!  When Avery got up, I gave her some dinner and got her a bath.  While I was doing that, my parents ran to the grocery store to pick up something quick and easy for dinner.  They also brought home some mint chocolate chip ice cream!  Eric is working tonight and the rest of us are just relaxing this evening.

Good night!

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