Sunday, August 14, 2011

lunch at trudy's and is that a rain cloud?

Today we met our friends Angie, Doc, Austin, and Kinley for lunch at the downtown Trudy's.  It was super busy and a smaller location than the south restaurant we usually go to.  Avery was in a great mood on the way to the restaurant and while we waited to be seated.  As soon as we got to our table, she started to become more fussy and wasn't in a great mood the rest of lunch.  She loved her rice and beans though!
This is Austin.  He is almost 4 years old.  He was very brave and took a pretty big bite of some spicy salsa!  I think he was surprised at how hot it was, and started downing his water.  He is such a cutie.
Pretty girl Kinley.  She was doing really well eating her lunch and loved chewing on a celery stick.  It was nice and cold and probably felt good on her gums.  I LOVE her little lobster outfit she had on today.
Eric and Avery at lunch!  Eric held Avery a bunch while we ate.  She just did not want to be stuck in that high chair.  I wonder if she would have done better if I sat her next to Kinley?
After lunch, we all came home and crashed.  Well Avery took about 45 minutes to finally fall asleep in her crib, but after that we all took a nice afternoon nap.  Since we had a big lunch, Eric and I decided just to have some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Avery is in bed so we are just relaxing.

And what in the world is that in the sky??  Could it REALLY be some rain/storm clouds??  We haven't seen those since May I'm guessing!  PLEASE RAIN!!!!  We took this picture almost an hour ago, and it is much darker now but we still haven't seen rain.  I'm still holding out hope.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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