Thursday, August 25, 2011

whataburger, shopping, and RAIN!

Today we went to have lunch at Whataburger.  My parents don't have Whataburger back home, so whenever they visit they like to go.
Had to act like tourists and get a picture in front of Whataburger!
Avery was very interested in playing with grandpa's drink.
Enjoying some yummy burgers, fries, and root beer.
After lunch, we noticed it was pretty cloudy and dark outside.  We drove over to the Kohl's shopping center. As soon as we parked and got out, it started to RAIN!!!  We haven't had rain in months.  It was so exciting.  It poured while we shopped in Kohl's.  I picked up two new picture frames for Avery's room.  I got her a new shelf at Target the other day that my dad put up for me.  I ordered a picture for the daddy's girl frame and we are obviously waiting on her first birthday to get a picture for the other one.
My mom also bought Avery two new pajama sets.  They are super cute!  I'm so ready for some cooler weather so we can switch out of the summer clothes we have been wearing FOREVER.
I finally used Avery's big duck towel after her bath today.  It is much bigger than all of her baby bath towels.  She is really growing out of those, so we'll be using this towel now.  I'm planning on redoing our hallway bathroom in a kids theme once I find a shower curtain I really like.  I'll get new towels and washcloths to match it.
We are just at home relaxing tonight.  My parents are headed back to Florida tomorrow morning.  We are hoping their flight isn't messed up because of the hurricane off the Florida coast.  They are flying from Florida to Virginia on Monday.  Have a great night!

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