Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We had another nice day of having everyone at home.  We decided to check out the small sprinkler and park area over in the grove at South Park Meadows.  The sprinkler area was really small, but we still got Avery in her swim suit and let her sit in the water.  She splashed a bit and looked around.  She seemed to enjoy it. 
Showing Avery where the water shoots out.  She had no fear of the water and liked touching it.  There where a bunch of older kids running around the small sprinkler area.  Eric asked one kid if he would quit spraying the water right over onto Avery when we first got there.  He asked the kid twice nicely.  Of course I walked right over and told the kid to quit it because there is a small baby on the ground.  I have no problem yelling at a kid!  I can't stand stupid parents that don't pay attention to their kids. 
I'm happy she liked the sprinklers.  My friend Angie has a really cool looking sprinkler pad area in her neighborhood.  Hopefully we'll get to have a play date there soon! 
After the sprinklers, we headed over to Super Target to get a few things.  The white sun hat that Avery is wearing in the above pictures is way to small and won't tie under her chin anymore.  We got her a cute light pink hat at Target.  She is just so fair that I have to keep her covered up as best I can and lathered in sun block. 

As soon as we got home, I put a pepperoni pizza in the oven.  We where both starving, and all the good smelling restaurants over in just teased us.  We would have loved to get a burger someplace, but we are trying to not spend much money right now.  We let Avery do some playing before she needed a bottle and a nap. 
Just making her way over the mountain of Rolo in the middle of the floor.  Rolo just doesn't even care.  She can climb over him and pull at him and he doesn't move.  We always watch her and correct her when she pulls at him. 
Eric is going to be kegging his beers this afternoon.  YAY for having my garden tub back for a few weeks!  His beer sits in big jugs in our master bathroom tub since Avery used the hall bathroom for her baths.  We also need to do a few chores around the house.  I'm planning on making some marzetti for dinner, but after inhaling that pizza for a late lunch I'm not sure how hungry we are going to be in a few hours!

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