Thursday, July 21, 2011

shopping and chipotle disaster

Today I met up with my friend Angie and her two kids, Austin and Kinley.  We met over at Buy Buy Baby to do some shopping.  We also looked in Home Goods, Ross, and TJ Maxx.  I love that we enjoy just walking around browsing and talking.  Avery didn't want to take a morning nap for me before meeting our friends, so she was pretty cranky while we where out.  Kinley wasn't thrilled to be out shopping either.  These girls need to learn to hang!  While at Buy Buy Baby, I found a really cute light pink tutu and Happy First Birthday onesie to save for Avery's first birthday.  I know we are still a couple months away, but I'm so excited to start planning her party!

We decided to have lunch at Chipotle.   It was super busy when we went in there and had to wait in line for awhile.  Once we got situated at our table the fun started.  I walked away to get some drinks for Angie and I, and in that 30 second period Avery managed to grab my entire burrito bowl and spill it all over herself and the floor.  It was a huge mess!  I was really embarrassed.  Two really nice guys at the table next to us started helping us clean up while I picked up my screaming kid.  The staff at Chipotle got us all cleaned up and even gave me another burrito bowl for free which was super awesome.  As soon as I got home, I wrote Chipotle a kudos email for that specific location.  Great customer service goes unrecognized so much.  I worked in the customer service world for a very long time, and getting a letter of recognition from a customer was always a great thing. 

Angie had a few toys and small red table that her kids no longer used, so she gave them to me for Avery.  Avery loves her new toys and the table fits in perfectly with our playroom!  Thanks for all the goodies Angie!  We always have lots of fun hanging out with Angie and her kids.  We are excited to go up to their house on Sunday for Kinley's first birthday party!

When we got home, we had a little package for Avery in the mail.  Her grandpa Rick and grandma Liz sent her a really cute pink Ron Jon surf shop t-shirt from Mexico!  They just got back from a cruise.  It was a fun surprise.  Avery was so tired while we were out that I thought for sure she would take a great nap this afternoon.  That is a huge no!  She never napped for me today!  I let her fuss in her crib for 40 minutes until I ended up just going in and getting her out.  I let her play in the playroom and gave her dinner.  We skipped bath tonight because I was lazy.  She wanted her bottle and bed at 5:15pm.  She has been asleep ever since.  I've knocked out a bunch of cleaning and I'm working on laundry.  Once I'm finished, I'm going to catch up on some of my shows that have been recorded for a couple weeks.

Sorry no pictures today!  Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

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  1. Public meltdowns are fun, aren't they? :|

    Totally not too early to start planning her birthday! I actually have already received an invite for a birthday party towards the end of Sept. which made me think I need to get ON it with planning Taylor's! It's crazy!