Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Play Date

I had two of my good friends and their little ones come over to the house today for a play date/mommy hang out.  Angie came over with Austin and Kinley, and Emily came over with Sophia.  I picked up some croissants, chicken salad, and apples for our lunch.  It was really good!  Right after Angie and her kids arrived, Avery needed a bottle and a nap! 

Here is pretty Kinley hanging out and playing in the pack and play.  She is so close to walking!  She is standing up on her own.  It is so fun watching her to see what Avery will be doing in a couple months. 
Austin loved playing with Rolo.  Rolo kept giving Austin kisses.
Sweet Sophia playing and being her happy little self on the floor. 
The gang in the family room minus Avery since she was still napping.  She took a marathon nap and missed half the get together!  She needed it though because she has been very cranky all day.  I have a feeling she is cutting another tooth.  She has been drooling up a storm. 
Angie and the kids brought over a cute little birthday cake for me!  It was a fun surprise.  They even brought over some little candles for it so we could sing Happy Birthday.  Thanks guys for the cake, I'm still eating it!  HA!
Austin singing me Happy Birthday.  He is such a sweet guy.  He became my little cuddle buddy all day.  He sat with me on the couch, curled up with me on the floor, and sat in my lap. 
Austin was our photographer and took this picture of all the girls.  I did have a nicer shirt on, but Avery spit up all over me about 10 minutes before friends arrived. 
Avery finally woke up from her nap and joined the fun. 
Avery and Sophia playing together in the pack and play. 
Angie and Emily - I had a really fun day!  Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us.  We'll have to do it again very soon and plan a pedicure get together as well! 

Avery is in bed, so I've got a bunch of cleaning up to do and a few loads of laundry.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!

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