Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grandma Charlene arrived!

We are super excited that grandma Charlene got here yesterday afternoon!  Before she landed, we spent the morning at home doing some laundry and cleaning up a bit.  I didn't scrub and clean the house top to bottom like I normally do before guests because I always seem to have to do a massive cleaning right after anyone leaves.  I just made sure the house was presentable. 

While I was folding and putting away clothes in Avery's room, she got her pack of wipes on the floor and started playing with it.  She loves the crinkling sound the wipes package makes.  It keeps her occupied which is fine by me so I can get things done!  Isn't her little top adorable!  I found it for $3 at Old Navy!
Grandma Charlene landed around 2pm.  We all went to the airport to pick her up.  We came straight home once we picked her up because Avery was in major need of an afternoon nap.  While she napped, we all hung out and talked and started working on dinner.  We decided to have rice, beans, ground lean beef, and veggies all mixed together.  It turned out so good and we have tons of leftovers!  Avery loved it.  We also gave her some shredded cheddar cheese to have with her meal. 
My huge bowl of rice, beans, meat, and veggies! 
Grandma Charlene made Avery two new sleep sacks.  Avery has started to grow out of the one we have.  I love these things!  She always has one on at night.  It is like a light weight blanket she always has on.  She would end up kicking a regular blanket off and not being able to get it back on.  Even in warmer months, I still like having a sheet or something over me at night.  These fit perfect and are super cute!  Grandma Charlene is going to make us some for the winter months with a fleece material and princess designs. 
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday evening!

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