Friday, July 1, 2011

playdate at angie's house

After Avery took her morning nap, we drove up to Pflugerville to my friend Angie's house for a play date.  It was nice to hang out at the house, let the kids play, we could relax, and not spend a bunch of money on shopping or eating out (even though we love doing that!).  Angie got us a really good buffalo chicken wrap and fruit at Target for our lunch.  The kids had their lunch.  Avery had some vegetable and fruit baby food, some puffs, and I let her try some strawberry for the first time!  I gave her a few little bites and she seemed to like it after a few tries! 
Austin had his lunch of cheese quesadilla and yogurt.  He has an imaginary dog that he was telling me about.  I know he will love coming to our house one of these days and playing with Rolo!
After everyone finished lunch, the girls got to playing.  Kinley is going to be one the end of July!  She is crawling and standing all over the place.  She is really fast!  Avery actually did some crawling today too.  I think she wanted to copy what Kinley was doing. 
Austin and Kinley had lots of fun new toys to check out.  Avery LOVED this learning and music table!  I really want to get her one of these.  She kept going back to play with it.  This picture is hilarious.  The expression on her face looks like she is saying "Oh no you didn't!". 
Pretty Miss Kinley!  She is so cute!  She wasn't shy at all towards me and gave me smiles whenever I pulled the camera out.  I'm excited to go back up to their house for her first birthday party! 
Ugh, well my house is a disaster and I have no motivation to clean it this evening.  I hate how I clean and organize all the time and within two days I feel like I have to do it all over again.  The laundry is piling up again too.  It is never ending.  Maybe once Avery goes to bed for the night I'll feel like being productive. 

Hope everyone has a great start to their 4th of July weekend! 

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