Saturday, July 30, 2011

girls saturday

Avery and I decided to spend the afternoon with my good friend Emily and her daughter Sophia.  Sophia is two months younger than Avery.  They always have fun looking at each other and playing together.  I love seeing Sophia, she is such a happy little thing!  Here is Avery saying "Hello Friend" as she crawls up to Sophia to check her out. 
Girlfriends holding hands. 
Just playing... more like chewing on some blocks.
My little sweetheart.  Look how blue her eyes look.  I love putting her in blue clothes to bring out her eyes.
Pretty Sophia smiling for the camera.
Picture time together on the couch!  This lasted about two seconds. 
And Avery begins to freak her freak.
Then Sophia started crying and had to be held.  Avery needed her pacifier.  It was clearly time to leave and go have lunch at Chickfila!
The girls had fun snacking while we ate our lunch at Chickfila.  Seriously, that is the place to go with babies and kids of all ages.  After lunch, we went over to Buy Buy Baby, Office Max, and Target.  By the time we finished at those few stores the girls told us it was nap time. 

When we got home, Avery went down for a super long nap.  While she was sleeping, I started laundry, did some light cleaning, and even got brave enough to climb the ladder to replace a battery in the master bedroom smoke alarm.  It started chirping this morning to tell me it needed a new battery.  I was pretty darn proud of myself for doing it on my own. 

This evening I did the normal routine of dinner, bath, play, bed time for Avery.  I'm just relaxing this evening.  Today was a good Saturday!

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