Friday, July 29, 2011

Look who is 10 months old!

Happy 10 months Avery Blake!  She is just getting so big.  She is so much fun to be around and play with.  Avery's personality has grown so much lately.  I can't believe she is going to be a year old in two months!  How did the time pass so quickly?  I'm already getting into party planning mode, especially after going to my friend Angie's little girls first birthday party last weekend.  It was so fun! 

Here is my sweet 10 month old girl! 

Some 10 month stats:  you sleep through the night from 6pm to 7am, you usually take two naps a day, you drink 3 formula bottles a day, you eat all solid foods (no more baby food), loves snacking on yogurt melts and puffs, loves sucking on a pacifier, wears size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes, loves bath time, crawls all over the place and super fast at it, pulls up onto knees, into anything and everything she can reach (wires, outlets), loves going to play dates to see friends, enjoys going on outings to shop and eat out. 

Today Avery and I are spending the day at home.  We are playing and I got some cleaning and laundry done.  I love having a clean house.  Eric is in a class for work until 1pm and then he will be coming home to spend the afternoon and night with us. 

My mom sent Avery this cute outfit sometime in June.  It used to be really tight in her belly.  It is size 18 months.  Avery is thinning out since she is crawling all over the place now.  It fits with much more room now!  I've noticed this with some of her other clothes too.  I wonder if she'll stay in size 18 months for a little while?  I might have to exchange a birthday outfit I bought for an 18 month size.  I got it in 24 months since she seems to out grow clothes in about 3 months. 
Rolo curled up in a little ball while we played in the play room.
Avery is down for her afternoon nap.  I'm going to get some dishes washed and put away, then relax.  We are making fish tacos tonight!  One of my favorites.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

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