Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday brunch

Since Eric had to work last night and had to sleep most of yesterday, we went to brunch today for my birthday.  I decided on going to Red's Porch again.  We love the atmosphere, the food is great, and they have a great beer selection for Eric.  They have a great brunch menu on Sunday from 10-2.  Avery was very interested in Eric's beer today.
We got the awesome chips and queso and salsa.  We got this last time and just loved it. 
I got the migas for my meal.  I was excited to see the fresh watermelon come with the meal. 
Eric got eggs with veggies and potatoes.  His food looked really good too.
I gave Avery some watermelon for the first time.  The kid loved it.  She was dripping watermelon juice all over.  I hope it doesn't stain her cute shirt she had on!
Avery and I in front of Red's after brunch. 
After brunch we headed home.  Avery and Eric both napped.  I should have napped, but talked on the phone instead.  Once Eric woke up, I ran over to Super Target to get our groceries for the week and get gas in my truck.  We've been relaxing this evening.  I'm looking forward to my day of shopping tomorrow down at the outlets!

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