Monday, July 18, 2011

Follow up surgery appointment

Today I had my follow up from my in office small surgery procedure I had 3 weeks ago.  The doctor examined me and told me that the in office procedure did not correct the problem.  I am now scheduled to have out patient surgery at St. David's on August 22nd.  I'm not thrilled but I do know that this specific procedure has a 99% success rate.  My parents also decided to fly out to be with me.  They will get here August 20th and stay until August 26th.  I'm really happy they decided to cut their Florida vacation short to come and be with me.  The day after my surgery Eric is back at work the rest of the week.  I'm going to need to be on pain killers (the kind I get make me feel dizzy and tired and just not right) so they are going to help me a bunch with Avery.  So that is where I am right now with my problem. 

Back story on my issue:  Two weeks after Avery was born I got really sick.  We thought I had the flu because I had the chills and a fever and was really tired.  Then I started having really bad diarrhea.  It never went away.  I finally went to go and see a doctor who did some testing.  One of the tests came back positive for c-diff.  Check out the information in the clicky link about what c-diff is.  I was put on a medication called Flagyl for two weeks.  It did not work.  Shortly after I stopped that medication, I got worse and ended up being taken to the emergency room.  I was given three liters of fluids and some morphine for the pain.  That stuff made me loopy!  I was given a prescription for vancomycin which is a pretty strong drug.  I had to take that every 6 hours on the dot for 2 weeks.  If we didn't have health insurance, those pills would have cost over a grand to buy.  It still took awhile for the stronger medicine to kick in and really start working.  It finally did the trick and I felt better around Thanksgiving.  I went back for a follow up test to make sure it came back negative and it did.

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  I had never been so ill in my life.  And on top of all of that, I was taking care of my brand new baby and struggling with breastfeeding.  I'm nervous about being put under for my surgery, but I want to feel better and move on from this issue. 

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  1. Sending LOTS of positive vibes your way. I'll definitely make you some cupcakes, just let me know your favorite. :D