Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy sunday

This morning Avery and I went over to Super Target to get a ton of groceries.  I figured out last minute some dishes to make this week.  We had to get more baby foods and Avery got her first box of Cheerios. 

After Avery had her lunch, I finally got her bulletin board bow holder hung up in her bedroom.  I had to buy something to attach to the back of it so I could hang it on the wall.  I love how it looks!  There is an empty spot on the board because I'm going to be ordering her 9 month picture to add to it.  And I'll be getting some more bows in the near future! 
Avery is crawling around all over the place!  No more pulling herself on the floor and army crawling.  She is full on real crawling now.  She gets into everything.  I think she was taking notes watching Kinley crawl all over the place on Friday.  It was right after that play date that she got the courage to crawl!  She likes crawling over to the back door and looking outside.  Rolo was looking in at her from outside. 
Since Avery is on the move now, I can't just set her down and walk away for a minute anymore.  I decided to get the pack and play out so I would have a place to put her to play if I needed to take care of some laundry, cook food, or just use the bathroom in peace!  She didn't seem to mind spending a little time in here today.  I'm sure she will outgrow this thing in a couple months, but for now it works!  We no longer have the jumper or exersaucer.  I'm glad that Emily can use the jumper for Sophia now. 
We had left over chili for dinner tonight.  Avery was in bed really early, around 5:45pm.  I hope she sleeps all night for me!  She woke up last night at 3am for a bottle.  I'm going to relax the rest of the night.  Have a good one! 

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