Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun weekend recap

We had a really fun and busy weekend with grandma Charlene visiting!

On Friday we had a relaxing morning at home and then went to Flying Saucer for lunch.  We all shared chips and queso and got hamburgers with fries.  Avery wasn't in the best mood while out, but we tried to keep her happy and occupied with eating snacks and playing with the beer coasters.  All of us decided we have no desire to go back to Flying Saucer.  It is a great place if you want to try a bunch of different beers.  We thought the service was really slow, the food sucked, and it isn't kid friendly (no changing table in the bathroom).  We came home after lunch since Avery was in major need of a nap.  Charlene and I ended up running out to Target and Hobby Lobby later that evening.  We picked up Chipotle for dinner and brought it home.  It was much better than our lunch.  We also picked up Avery this awesome play table!  I was so excited about it and put it together as soon as we got home!
Delicious Chipotle! 
On Saturday, my good friend Emily and her daughter Sophia stopped by.  Emily had met Charlene in the past so it was nice she was able to stop over to visit.  Charlene made her an awesome diaper bag just like mine, and even had Sophia's name embroidered on it!  Emily loved it.  I got some really cute shots of Emily and Sophia. 
I love this one!
Silly little girl!

Later Saturday afternoon, Eric needed to mow the grass.  Avery had fun watching him from the front door!  She always likes to look outside but is deathly afraid of the grass whenever we have her in the yard. 

While Charlene was here, she made Avery a new valance for her window!  I picked out all the fabric Friday night at Hobby Lobby.  I love it!  It was exactly what I wanted.  Now I just need to replace Avery's bedroom lamp to have everything matching with more pink in her room!
Speaking of Avery's room... I had her on the floor playing in there on Saturday and I happened to see something on the floor under the brown window drapes.  I moved the drapes a little and realized it was a HUGE spider!  I yelled for Eric and picked Avery up off the floor.  Eric walked in annoyed thinking it was going to be a bug as big as my thumb nail and then realized how big it really was.  He wasn't very thrilled about getting close to kill it.  The thing was massive.  We didn't get a picture so we have no idea what kind of spider it was.  Even dead and curled up the thing was big.  GROSS!  We both agreed it was the biggest spider we have ever seen in real life outside of a zoo.  And it was in our baby girls room. 

Look how awesome our basil looks in the backyard!
Saturday night we did some good cooking.  Check out this blueberry cobbler!  We got the recipe from Cook's Illustrated (seriously the BEST cooking magazine ever!).  It combines blueberry with lemon zest.  It was amazing.
We grilled chicken and tomatoes on the grill. 
We also did asparagus with lemon and garlic on the grill. 
Our dinner plates.  It is chicken caprese with asparagus!  The chicken caprese recipe is also from Cook's Illustrated.  It turned out super delicious. 
This morning Avery had fun playing with her new table. 
We also got some pictures with grandma before she went to the airport. 

We got our sneak peak from Tiffany so I wanted to share one of the pictures.  We had a very successful photo shoot on Saturday morning.  I loved our sneak peak (the full link is on my FB page) and I can't wait to see all our photos.  Tiffany is really excited to see us again in a few months for Avery's one year shoot with a smash cake!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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