Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tuesday at home

It's been a pretty dreary Tuesday.  We got some rain over night, and today has just been wet and cloudy.  I decided we would just stay home and not run out anyplace today.  This morning I finally took the bumper out of Avery's crib.  She really doesn't need it anymore.  I was using a dark brown breathable bumper that matches everything, so I'm putting it away for any possible future kiddos.  Look at all those teeth marks on her crib!
Avery LOVES hanging out in her anywhere chair.  Whenever I am doing stuff in her bedroom, she is always in it. As I'm blogging, she is hanging out in her chair with some stuffed musical toys while I sit in the glider!
I'm not sure if I have posted about this or not, so I'm adding it in.  At Christmas, we decided to start her with a Precious Moments collection.  On her birthday she will get one each year until age 16.  I have always loved Precious Moments and I'm excited she will have her own collection.
Earlier today Avery decided to pull all of my t-shirts and pajama pants out of my dresser drawers.  I don't know why I fold anything anymore because she is always tossing clothes out of the dressers!
I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.  We are having Crock Pot Ravioli for dinner.  I got it going this morning and the house is smelling great!  Happy Tuesday!

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