Monday, January 23, 2012

apps and shopping

Avery is taking a morning nap, so I thought I would do a fun little post with phone apps and favorite places to shop.

I spend a lot of time with my iPhone.  I love the thing!  I finally took the time to organize my apps and put them into categories.  I'm OCD and like to have all of my apps on one page so I don't have to scroll through a bunch of pages to find what I am looking for.
I recently found a great organization app called Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant.  It is a free app and I love it so far.  You can make grocery lists and cross off items as you toss them in your shopping cart.  You can also make lists for other errands you need to run, appointments, phone calls, etc.

I'm sure you are looking at the awesome leopard print wallpaper I have and totally want it!  I have an app called Cuptakes and that is where I get all of my cute wallpapers from.

I know when I look at friends pictures and blogs, I always wonder where they shop for their kids cute gear.  I decided to share some of the places that I find Avery's goodies.

These are my favorite online boutiques I like to go to for specialty items like smocked clothing and appliqued tops and big hair bows.

Smocked Auctions (FB)
Juju Boutique (FB/Etsy)
Lions and Lily Pads (FB/Etsy)
Two Sisters Crafting (FB/Etsy)
Ruffle Butts
Polka Dot Closet (Etsy) (Haven't bought from yet, but planning on it!)
Shrimp and Grits Kids (Haven't bought from yet, but planning on it!)

My favorite deal sites I check daily and buy from often:

Baby Steals
Mama Bargains

My favorite stores for everyday clothing and shoes:

Stride Rite
Hide and Squeak
Wee Squeak
Old Navy Kids
The Children's Place
and all the regular department stores! 


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  1. I do like your leopard print background! I'll have to check out that momma app. Also I've never heard of Hide and Squeak so I'll have to go check that out.