Friday, January 27, 2012

fun with friends

Today Avery and I drove up north to Pflugerville to my good friend Angie's house.  We had a play date with Angie and her two kids, plus Angie's friend Lisa and her two kids.  It was a full house but lots of fun.  We stopped at Super Target to pick up some Valentine's Day cookies to share with our friends and arrived a little after 11am.  As always, Angie had great food ready for everyone to eat.  All the kids had chicken nuggets and fries, while we had some delicious BLTA sandwiches and fries.

After lunch, the girls got busy playing while we tried to visit some.  It is always tough trying to visit with a bunch of little ones to look after!  Avery LOVES their play kitchen so much.  She always goes straight to it when we play at their house.  Here is Avery and Alexis playing in the kitchen together.
Kinley on her little laptop, probably blogging like her mama!  :-)
All the girls playing and making a huge mess with all the toys!
We tried to get a good picture of all of the girls together.  They are all a month apart in age.  Avery is the youngest at 16 months, Alexis is 17 months, and Kinley is 18 months.  The blonde, the brunette, and the redhead!  They are all so cute and fun to watch!
Avery in the hard hat ready to go and work!
It was really pretty outside, so Angie pulled the water table out for the kids to play in.  Everyone loved it.  Avery wasn't super interested in it.  I think she was more interested in exploring everything else around the house and yard!
Can you believe she is standing in the grass with no shoes on!?!?!?!  Avery has always been afraid of the grass, but she is starting to get brave about venturing out in it.
Thank you for having us over today Angie!  We always have such a fun time:-)  

Avery is taking a much needed nap, Eric is working in the yard, and I am relaxing.  Eric is making a sweet Hawaiian bread in the bread maker and I am going to fix tacos for dinner tonight.  Happy Friday everyone!  


  1. Wow, another fun day! Hawaiian sweet bread sounds heavenly. :) oh and I love how all three kids have different hair color. Mini Charlie's Angels? Ha.

  2. Your pictures are so much better than mine! I have just been so lazy and do it all with my phone now. I love what the commenter above said about Charlie's Angels... so cute!!! ;-)

  3. Fun day!

    I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.. details are in my latest blog post over at

  4. Love the comment about mini Charlie's Angels! :-)
    Thanks Jamie, I'll check it out!