Saturday, January 7, 2012

15 month stats and iphone photo drop

I've slacked the past couple of days with my blogging.  I haven't even busted out my Rebel in a few days, I've just been using my iPhone camera to take random shots.  On Thursday night I decided to clean out our pantry, fridge, and freezer.  I organized everything, tossed some things, and was able to see what we needed to buy.  I love being able to look in the pantry or fridge and it is clean and organized.  So much easier when it comes to meal plan.  I need to get better with the meal planning.  Here is my nice pantry.

The inside of the fridge.
And the inside of the freezer.  Yes, I know it all looks a little bare.  I have gone to the store since these pictures were taken.  :-)  Oh, and all those frozen bananas are going to be used for either banana nut bread or banana chocolate chip muffins!
After my cleaning frenzy in the kitchen, I did some organizing with our book cases.  Eric is starting school very soon and I wanted a specific area for all of his books and notebooks.  I put all of his nursing stuff on the bottom shelf in the small book case in the entry way.  Everything fits perfectly, and gives us more room in the big book case in the study.
Here is the big book case in the study.
I took Avery over the the park the other afternoon so she could swing and walk around and explore a little.  This always helps with getting her to take a nice afternoon nap!
She just loves to be pushed on the swings.

I finally bought some bed skirts for the master and guest room beds.  I was sick of seeing the storage containers under the beds.  It looked tacky and the beds needed to be completed.  It was a fun task lifting those big mattresses up on my own to get these suckers on, but it was worth it.  The beds look so much better!
Here is our guest room.  My next task in here is to find a wall hanging for above the bed.  This room is still a little plain and a work in progress.
The master bedroom.  We did get a nice new sheet set for Christmas but I am waiting to use the sheets since we have the flannel sheets on now.  I'd like a new duvet cover at some point this year.  This one is really old.
And just for fun, this is my new wallpaper design on my phone.  Isn't it pretty? :-)  This is from an app called Cuptakes that I love.  She makes really cute girly wallpapers.  New designs come out each month.
Avery had her 15 month appointment and shots yesterday.  She did really well.  She only cried during the shots.  She weighs 23lbs. and 10oz.  She is 31 1/4 inches tall.  She is in the 50-75 percentile for everything.  She is a happy, healthy, and perfect little girl!

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