Sunday, January 29, 2012

blocks and Cajun food

Avery and I spent our morning playing with her awesome new block set we got from my good friend Angie (thanks again girl!).  She LOVES these blocks.  They are big and light weight.  I picked up the big red tub yesterday at Target to keep all her blocks in.  We also Skyped with my parents for about 30 minutes this morning.  They really enjoyed watching Avery run around and babble to them.
Avery ran all around the house with her blocks.  She tossed them into my garden tub.
She brought them into her room and tossed them onto the floor.
After all the playing and a morning snack, she took a nice two hour nap for me!  Once Avery woke up, we all got ready and headed out for Sunday lunch.  We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Cypress Grill.  They have great Cajun food!  We split our entrees with Avery and everyone enjoyed.
Early this evening we went to the park so Avery could run around and play for awhile.  She decided she was too cool for her stroller and walked the entire way home from the park!  I wish I would have taken a picture of her walking up the sidewalk.  We've had a really nice Sunday and hope you have too!


  1. So cute baby you are having. How was Cajun food at Cypress Grill.

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  2. Cypress Grill is always delicious. They have the best red beans and rice. :-)