Friday, January 13, 2012

fun friday play date

Today Avery and I headed out around 9:30am to go up to my best friend Angie's house for a play date.  I was SO happy to finally get together with Angie and have the kids play.  It has been since sometime before Christmas that we last saw each other.  I've missed you tons girl!  It was so nice to catch up.  Angie posted about our day today, so be sure to check out her blog too!

Avery just loved playing with their big kitchen and play food and utensils.  She carried around the coffee pot almost the entire time we were there.  She must watch me carry around my coffee mug all morning and decided to copy me.  Austin and Kinley have so many fun toys to play with!
The kids all had chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese for lunch.  Of course that was a hit for Avery.  It is her favorite meal.  Angie and I had some really good chicken nachos with diet Cokes.  Here is Kinley sitting in her big girl booster seat at the kitchen table.  I love how she looks at the camera, smiles, and says cheese!
Austin peeking in the play room at the girls playing.  He spent most of the morning and afternoon playing fun games on his daddy's new iPad!  That thing is so cool.
The girls hanging out on the couch.  Kinley will be 18 months on the 23rd and Avery will be 16 months on the 29th.  I didn't get many smiles from Avery today.  She was content playing, but I know she was tired.
An action shot of all the kids running through the living room.  I laughed when I saw this picture.  Avery ALWAYS has to be carrying something around.  In one hand is her cup and the other is that coffee pot!
We left to come home in the early afternoon.  Avery took a snooze for me on the ride home which was nice.  Thanks for having us over today Angie!  We always have so much fun.  Hopefully next week will be a get together that involves our favorite hobby: SHOPPING! :-)

Tonight Eric and I are making a new recipe for dinner.  It is super easy and the house is smelling great.  I found it of course on Pinterest.  It is roasted shrimp and green beans.  Here is the recipe or you can find it on my healthy food board on my Pinterest page.

Tomorrow looks like a cleaning and grocery shopping kind of day.  Have a great Friday night!


  1. Love the pictures! Happy Friday!

  2. Awww, you got some cute pictures!! I had so much fun with you today. I am looking forward to next week too. Enjoy your weekend girl. :-)