Saturday, January 21, 2012

happy birthday Everett!

Today Avery and got out around 11am and headed over to my friend Vanessa's house for her son, Everett's first birthday party!  Here is Avery dressed up and ready to head to the party.
I'm SOOOO bummed I didn't bring my camera and take any pictures at the party. Vanessa had the house decorated so cute and Everett looked adorable.  The theme of the party was western cowboy.  Everett was all dressed up in his cowboy gear.  There was BBQ for lunch, and then cupcakes and s'mores and rice krispies on a stick for dessert.  Vanessa's husband Anthony had his home brew beer to share which Eric is super bummed he had to miss.  There were little vests, cowboy hats, and bandanas for all the kids to wear and some awesome ponies on a stick to play with hanging out in the backyard!  Everett had a big smash cake and there was a really nice video played towards the end of the party of his first year.  The coolest part about the party was that instead of bringing presents, everyone brought over donations that are going to be taken over to the Ronald McDonald house on Monday.

Avery had a ball!  She loved walking around and was just a little social butterfly.  She enjoyed eating and making a mess with her cupcake.  Hope you had a wonderful birthday Everett, and thank you Vanessa and Anthony for having us over today!  I'm hoping to get together with Vanessa next week for some lunch and shopping.

Avery is worn out and in bed.  I'm working on laundry and just taking it easy tonight.  Hope you have a great Saturday night!

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