Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happy hump day!

Brr, it is cold!  Well, at least this morning it is cold.  It is only 39 degrees out and I'm loving it.  It is January so it SHOULD be cold Texas.  I know we'll have plenty of the 70 degree weather starting in a couple months, only to turn into really hot weather that doesn't go away until Thanksgiving.  Now if only we would get some snow flurries.

Eric ordered a replacement stove knob and a replacement dryer knob the other day and we got them in yesterday.  I put both knobs on and they work great.  I also picked up some safety covers for the stove knobs.  Avery can reach up to the burners now and likes to mess with the knobs.  No, my stove isn't scrubbed clean and sparkling.  Don't judge! :-)
My sexy new dryer knob! No longer have to use a wrench to crank it to make it work!
Avery and I are just relaxing and playing this morning.  We don't have much to do today which is nice.  I'll do some light cleaning around the house and finish a load of laundry.  We might head out to the stores later this afternoon after lunch.  If it warms up, we'll go for a walk and stop at the park.
Love the look in this picture!  I took her pacifier away and put it on top of her dresser.  She is just glaring at it.  HA!  My mom sent her this cute thick long sleeve top with matching sweatpants.  It is perfect for cold days like this.
Tonight is chili and brown rice for dinner night.  Once Avery goes down for a nap I'll start browning the turkey meat and prepping veggies for the crock pot.  I'll cook it on high for a few hours this afternoon.  Eric is at school all day today, so I know he'll love coming home to a nice warm hearty meal.
Well, I'm off to finish my coffee and hang out with my little girl.  Have a great hump day!

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