Thursday, February 2, 2012


Avery and I had a late morning out yesterday.  She decided she didn't want to take her morning nap, so around 10:30 I loaded us up in the truck and headed out.  I felt like having lunch out, so we stopped at Chickfila.  We both lunched on some yummy chicken tenders, waffle fries, and fresh fruit.  I love Chickfila.  They are so family and kid friendly there and I think the food is delicious!
While at Chickfila, we met some really nice policemen.  Avery thought it was so cool when a policeman gave her a police badge sticker!  She was all smiles.  We put the sticker on our playroom bulletin board.
After lunch and meeting the policemen, we headed over to Hobby Lobby.  I've been wanting to buy a couple blank canvases, paint brushes, and finger paint.  I've seen tons of great toddler finger painting ideas on Pinterest that I have been wanting to do with Avery.  We have to go back to Hobby Lobby either today or tomorrow to buy some mod podge to use on our canvas after it is painted.  Once we have all our gear, we'll spend an afternoon finger painting!  I'm excited!
It got pretty hot here yesterday.  This is our little thermometer that sits on the kitchen window sill.  It said 82 degrees early afternoon yesterday.  I'm sure it got even higher as the afternoon went on.  NOT COOL TEXAS for February.  We've barely had a winter and I hate that.  I like the changes in seasons and we don't really get that here.  I miss snow and cold, I miss the leaves changing colors, I miss actually being excited for nice spring weather (I could care less now because we ALWAYS have it), and enjoying a hot summer for only 3 months, not more than half the year.
This post is a day late because starting around noon yesterday, our internet was down.  It was still down when I went to bed last night.  I seriously was starting to get the shakes without being able to get online!  HA!  Thankfully all is good today!

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