Wednesday, January 18, 2012

barbie girl

This afternoon I decided to take a quick trip with Avery over to Super Target.  I wanted to see if I could find some bubbles and sidewalk chalk that we could play with out in the front yard.  One of the employees at the store told me they wouldn't stock up on that kind of stuff for another couple of months.  Seriously?  Tomorrow we'll go and see if Walmart has anything.  So we walked out of the store with a new first Barbie doll for Avery!  Avery has one other Barbie doll, but it is the holiday 2010 doll for the year she was born and it is being kept up on her dresser.  I picked up the simplest Barbie they had with no small pieces.  It is a ballerina.  Avery thinks her new doll is pretty cool!

Ballerina Barbie!

I don't remember anything more fun then playing Barbies as a little girl.  I can't wait to play Barbies with Avery as she gets older.  :-)

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