Monday, January 2, 2012

just a boring day around here

We spent a lazy day around the house today.  It was nice to have Eric home today and to just not do anything.  We lounged around in our pajamas all morning.  Eric played some of his new games on his XBOX 360 and I played on my laptop, both of us with coffee in hand.  Avery did her usual playing and dragging every toy possible out of the playroom and into the kitchen and family room.

I decided to make a pizza for lunch and Avery loved it.  I don't make frozen pizza very often, but whenever I do she enjoys it!  Look at that pizza face!  She did get some mixed veggies thrown on her tray too.
After lunch, we got Avery changed into her Nebraska Huskers gear for the game.  She is all decked out!  Yes, those are little Huskers slippers!
I keep telling Eric that she is going to be our little Huskers cheerleader some day! :-)
This evening after dinner and bath, Avery did some cuddling with Eric on the couch.  She rarely does this so I ran to get my camera and got one picture.  She was super tired and we put her to bed right afterwards.
I'm starting to feel better today (minus all the coughing) and hope that tomorrow I'm ready to jump into the cleaning I want to do around the house.  I'd also like to get out to the store to get some groceries and other things we need.

Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Love all the Husker gear! Pretty sad game though!