Thursday, January 26, 2012

panera and the galleria

Today Avery and I spent the afternoon with my friend Vanessa and her son Everett.  Everett just turned one and is SO stinking cute!  He is a little flirt and loves to laugh when he hears you laugh.  We met at Vanessa's house around 11am and let the kids play with some toys for a little while before heading out.  Avery loved checking out some of Everett's cool toys.  She also liked climbing the stairs at their house.

After the kids played for a bit, we loaded up and made the two second drive around the corner to the galleria.  We stopped at Panera first for some lunch.  Vanessa and I both got Asian Sesame Chicken salads (those are delicious!) while Avery and Everett snacked on some goodies.  They both did so well at lunch!

After lunch, we got the walking strollers out and did a few laps around the mall.  It was a beautiful day today. It felt good to be out walking around in the sunshine.  We did plenty of chatting, the kids relaxed (Everett even snoozed for awhile), and I picked up Eric a new pair of khaki shorts at Eddie Bauer.
We had a really fun day!  Can't wait to hang out again next week Vanessa!!

Eric is at school tonight, so I am enjoying my evening of bad reality TV.  Have a great night :-)


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I'm jealous that you have a good friend to go hang out with!

  2. Aww, we've lived in TX for 5 years and it took so long to make some really good friends. It gets hard to make friends the older you get!