Tuesday, November 1, 2011

just a couple pictures

Just wanted to share a couple pictures of Avery in some silly pictures from today.  She is wearing her Nebraska Huskers t-shirt and some ruffle butt zebra print bloomers. 
Look at that cute bottom! 
Today was a quiet day around the house with a delicious chicken broccoli bake for dinner.  Hope you had a good Tuesday!


  1. Thanks Jamie! Eric's mom went to visit family in Iowa and went to Target to stock us up on some Nebraska gear :)

  2. Those ruffle butt bloomers are killing me! I'm so excited to be able to buy girlie stuff now! ;)

  3. Tiffany, buying girlie stuff is so much fun! My MIL got those at a craft festival, but check out Rufflebutts on FB. I've ordered from them and they are super cute :)