Sunday, November 20, 2011

the last of our Colorado pictures

We spent one of our days in Colorado with Eric's dad Rick and his wife Liz, along with Liz's daughters Ashley and Emily, and Eric's brother Brian.  Ashley's boyfriend Mark joined as too.  We had a really fun day!  We all had lunch at Colorado Mountain Brewery.  That place has the BEST ever cheese fries.  I wish I would have taken a picture of them.  I could have eaten the entire plate myself. 

After lunch out and a quick stop to King Sooper's (I needed to get Avery A&D Ointment because she was SO dry and pacifiers because I forgot to toss some in the diaper bag), we headed back over to grandpa Rick and grandma Liz's house. 
As soon as we got to the house, Avery was pretty excited to see some new toys to play with.  Grandpa Rick and grandma Liz borrowed some baby toys from a close friend so Avery would have some fun stuff to play with.  She really loved that pink Little People airplane! 
Ashley's boyfriend Mark took a great picture of the entire family together!  It turned out great and Avery's hair sure does stand out!
We spent the afternoon hanging out and talking.  We made some delicious brownies to snack on, the guys had some beers, and Avery played and visited with everyone. 

Before heading out for the day to grandpa Rick and grandma Liz's house, I snapped this really nice shot of Avery and her grandma Charlene.  I think it turned out pretty well, I just need to touch it up a little.  This was the only picture I used my nice camera with the entire time in Colorado! 
I've shared all of our Colorado pictures!  Hope you've enjoyed reading about our trip!  I'll be back to my regular daily blogging tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to having Angie and her kiddos over tomorrow for a play date.  We are going to eat lunch at Chili's and then spend the afternoon at our house so the kids can play and we can hang out and talk.  And eat brownies. 

Good night!

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