Thursday, November 17, 2011

sweet home Colorado!

So we decided last minute that it would be fun to make a surprise trip to Colorado to visit family and friends.  It was SO hard to keep this secret for two weeks!  Eric's brother Brian knew all about it and helped us pull it off.  You can't tell from the pictures, but Avery was pretty cranky on the two hour flight up to Colorado.  She was over tired because she wouldn't nap on the plane.  She also wanted her bottle of milk that I forgot to bring with us on the plane.  I'm mother of the year ya'll!

Daddy and Avery on the plane as we started to descend into Denver.  We all were so excited.  We love traveling to Colorado!
Eric's brother Brian and his friend Katie picked us up at the airport.  We landed in the morning and had an hour drive south to Colorado Springs.  Avery finally passed out for the drive down! 
Before getting to Eric's moms house, we decided to stop and get some lunch at Chickfila.  We were all starving.  The food put Avery (and I) in a great mood.  Neither one of us like to get hungry!  After lunch, we got to the house and unpacked all our stuff and got organized.  It is amazing how much stuff you have to pack when you travel with a little one.  Eric and Brian got her crib all set up in one of the extra bedrooms.  I changed Avery into a fresh outfit that said Grandma Makes Me Smile with a cute bow. 
Uncle Brian and Avery playing with one of her pea pod babies.  It took a little while for Avery to warm up to Uncle Brian.  It is so hard when she doesn't see family members all the time. 

Both of the guys playing with Avery.
Grandma Charlene was at work when we arrived so we had the day and house to ourselves until the evening.  We went into the basement and found some of Eric and Brian's old toys and books from when they were little kids.  It was great to have some fun new things for Avery to play with.  She LOVED this bedtime bear in the box.  She thought it was just hysterical each time the bear popped out.  (We ended up bringing this toy home with us!). 
We also found all of the old Care Bear stuffed animals!  I loved these when I was a little girl.  Avery loved them too!  We brought one of the bears home with us too!
The mixture of some of the little toys we brought and what we found in the basement.  Avery was set!
Grandma Charlene finally got home later in the evening.  Of course, we didn't get pictures of her walking in the door and seeing us there... but we did get a video that I have no idea how to post.  She was super surprised and excited to see us all standing there in her kitchen.  It was great.  Avery was very tired and cranky at that point.  We probably shouldn't have forced her to stay awake until grandma Charlene got home.  She went to bed right after the surprise (and a massive crying meltdown).  We ordered some Old Chicago Italian Nachos and pizzas for dinner.  That place has the best pizza.  We get food there each time we visit.  We enjoyed our food and relaxed with family the rest of the night.  It was a good day!

I'll make a few more posts over the next day or two about our trip!

As for today, Avery and I have TONS of laundry to get done.  All the clothes, towels, and sheets need to be washed.  We are going to run out to Hobby Lobby, Carter's, and Bath and Body Works sometime this afternoon.  I'm also going to start on decorating for Christmas!  I just love this time of year.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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