Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Then and Now

Avery was only 4 weeks old on her first Halloween.  I dressed her up as a little cute pumpkin.  Her grandma Charlene and I took some pictures of her covered in Halloween candy.  She even had a baby Halloween tutu!  Here is my little pumpkin a year ago today! 
And here is my big girl now!  Wow, I can't believe how much she has changed in just a year.  It goes by so quickly.  She is the cutest ladybug ever! 
We didn't go out trick or treating tonight.  Eric has to work tonight and Avery was ready for bed at 6:30pm.  I think next year will be really fun since she'll be walking around and can actually eat some of the candy she gets.  I still got a bunch of cute pictures of her dressed up this year and she had so much fun yesterday at Austin's Halloween birthday party.

This afternoon after we went grocery shopping at Super Target, I decided to make some Halloween cookies.  Avery helped me out in the kitchen.  I think every utensil I own was someplace on the kitchen floor. 
Our yummy cookies!  I had a can of orange Halloween icing that I used on some easy Funfetti cookies. 
Avery liked them! 
We had a little scare this morning with Rolo Brown.  Eric got home from work at 6am and when he let Rolo outside he was limping pretty bad and not wanting to move around much.  Eric came into the bedroom upset and woke me up saying Rolo was hurt.  I don't think I have jumped out of bed that quickly in a long time!  Rolo was just fine when I went to bed last night.  Rolo did slip on the hard wood floor yesterday morning, but he didn't think anything of it and was acting normal all day.  Eric took him in to see the vet today so they could take a look at him.  He hurt his lower back and the muscles are really sore causing him to favor his legs when walking.  It must have been from that slip.  He was given two medications to take and can't run around or exercise for two weeks.  The medicine is making him really sleepy.  Our poor buddy. 

I just wanted to add my favorite picture of Rolo that was taken in the fall of 2009. 

Happy Halloween!!!  Hope you had a wonderful night! 

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  1. She is the most adorable lady bug!!! Poor Rolo!