Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa FAIL!

I decided that I had to take Avery to see Santa at the mall this year.  This is her second Christmas, but last year she was too little to take to the mall at Christmas.  I wanted to start a tradition of taking Avery to see the big man in red to start off the Christmas season!  We met up with my best friend Angie and her two kids to see Santa, have lunch, and do some Christmas shopping.

I 100% got a Santa FAIL picture!  Avery was terrified of Santa.  She was crying so hard and shaking and just gripping me for dear life!  The poor girl.  Angie was able to snap some pictures of us while we sat with Santa.
She was so sad.  One day she will be so excited to visit Santa and probably run up to him to tell him what she wants for Christmas!
We had such a great Santa at the Barton mall.  He was so nice and helped us get some decent pictures with him even if Avery wasn't sitting on his lap. 
You can't really see her top in any of the pictures, but it says "Too cute to be on the Naughty List".  I thought that was perfect for seeing Santa. 
After pictures, we all headed upstairs to the food court to eat some lunch and then get started on our shopping.  We stayed at the mall for a couple hours then headed home.  Once we got home, I decided to make another pan of oatmeal raisin bars.  I also made some hard boiled eggs, brown rice, and cilantro lime chicken.  I was a busy bee in the kitchen!  Once everything was at a stopping point, we went for a nice walk in the neighborhood.  The mornings have been freezing, but the afternoons have been in the 60s and beautiful.  When we picked up the mail this afternoon, Avery had a little package from her grandpa Rick and grandma Liz.  They got her a really cute t-shirt from Maui, Hawaii!  They just got home from a really nice Hawaiian vacation.  Maybe one day Eric and I can go on a tropical vacation to Hawaii :)

Well, I have TONS of cleaning up to do around the house tonight.  Tomorrow is December 1st, so the 25 day countdown to Christmas is starting!

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  1. Aww poor girl! Pretty funny picture to have in the future though =D