Friday, November 18, 2011

Fort Collins Colorado

On Friday, we got up early and drove two hours north from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.  We love going and visiting Fort Collins.  Eric went to Colorado State University and lived up there for 5 years.  His brother went there too.  We had to make a stop at Silver Grill for breakfast.  They have the very best cinnamon buns ever.  Look at those suckers!
Avery was impressed with all the buns!
Avery and I waiting on our breakfast.  All of us were starving! 
Enjoying my morning coffee in my Silver Grill mug.  I really want my own mug with my name on it!
Eric and his mommy at breakfast.
Check out my food.  This is a huge skillet of potatoes, cheese, onion, green pepper, bacon, and some scrambled egg on top.  Freaking awesome!
Eric got the Mexican breakfast.
Charlene got scrambled eggs, bacon, and cinnamon bun french toast.  We all loved our food as always. 
Eric and Avery walking around old town Fort Collins. 
We went over to the CSU campus to walk around and see the sights.  There are so many new additions to the school since Eric graduated.  Avery got to see her future college.  She liked it. 
Sitting in the grass in the quad. 
SNOW ya'll!!!  Avery checking out the snow for the first time. 

Tasting the snow.  Don't worry, it wasn't yellow.
Avery learning the schools fight song. 
My future Ram Cheerleader!!!! 
We stopped and had lunch appetizers at Coopersmiths, which is a Fort Collins favorite.  Afterwards we did some more walking around old town.  We stopped at The Cupboard which is the best ever kitchen store!  They have anything and everything, plus more. 
We picked up some Snickerdoodle coffee beans and Charlene found some pretty new bowls for her kitchen.  
We all had a great day up in FOCO! 

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  1. CUTE pictures! Looks awesome. Thanks for making me so darn hungry!! Those cinnamon rolls look beyond awesome. mmmm....