Sunday, November 6, 2011

rainy day and gobble gobble

Remember back in the day when daylight savings time was awesome in the fall.  You got an extra hour of sleep one weekend.  Heaven.  Oh that sadly changes when you have a little one.  Avery decided she wanted to start the day at 4:30am this morning.  I was not happy at all.  I went in there and attached her pacifier to her and walked out.  I shut her door, I shut my door and turned off the monitor and about after 45 minutes she was quiet and fell asleep until about 6:30am.  I've been tired all day.  She just wanted to play I guess.  Here she is early morning pushing around her babies in her shopping cart.
Once we had some breakfast and I got some coffee in me, I started to feel a little more awake.  It was a nice cozy morning inside since it was raining.  I love rainy days since we hardly ever get them.  I love rainy days even more when Avery takes good naps, which did not happen today.  Oh well. 
I decided since it is November and all to put her in one of her new Thanksgiving tops.  It is super cute!  It went perfect with some little brown cotton pants and her red headband and bow!  She wasn't letting me get a good picture of her in her bedroom chair, she just laughed and rolled around watching me try.  What a stinker!
Here we go.  Now you can see the cute top!  She was just dying to yank her headband and bow out of her hair. 
We just hung around the house all day.  She checked in my bad to see if there was any money, and there wasn't.  She helped me fold some clothes and we ate lunch together.  We went for a late afternoon walk when it wasn't raining. 
As of right now, Avery is asleep and I only had to go in her room once.  SCORE!  I'm hoping she stays down for the night and doesn't have me up any earlier than 6am tomorrow morning!  Good night! 

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