Monday, November 28, 2011

pictureless update

Just wanted to post a little update.  The blog is going to be pretty boring for the next few days.  I had to order a few more SD cards for my camera because my others are finally full!  So I'm waiting on those to take some more pictures.  What fun is a blog post without pictures?

Today was a good day.  Eric was off today so we decided to head out to Town Lake for a walk once Avery woke up from her morning nap and had lunch.  We did the 3 mile loop.  The weather here was beautiful today!  Nice and crisp, but once you got moving you felt a little warm in the sun.  After our walk we had to stop at Target and Costco for groceries and a few Christmas items.  Eric made a delicious vegetable pasta for dinner and now we are relaxing for the evening. 

Hope you had a great Monday!

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