Saturday, November 19, 2011

playing and Christmas decor

Avery and I had a nice morning at home.  We had breakfast (and I had coffee) and did lots of playing.  I enjoy spending my days with Avery more and more.  She has the best little personality and just makes me laugh all the time. 
Captured a little grin.
Bringing me her Care Bear Cousins book to look at.  Look at all those teeth!
My sweet mini best friend.  Her top says Smile and Laugh. 
Avery checking out Rolo who is checking out something outside. 
I decided to put our Christmas tree up this evening.  I already decorated the rest of the house a few days ago.  I had to run out to Super Target after lunch to get new Christmas lights.  All our lights from last year ended up being dead.  Here is our tree!  It has colored lights and a mix of random ornaments.  It took awhile for me to assemble the tree, string the lights, and get all the ornaments opened and hung up. 
Since we don't have a fireplace mantel, I hung our stockings on the shelf that divides the family room and dining area.  I think it looks pretty cute. 
Here is our play room bulletin board all ready for Christmas.  I put a few of Avery's first Christmas photos up and one of her cards (I seriously don't know what happened to all of her other first Christmas cards!).  I'll be adding cards and photos during the holiday season. 
Now that the house is all decorated and clean, I'm hanging out watching Gilmore Girls and enjoying my night.  Happy Saturday!

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