Friday, November 18, 2011

our first full day in colorado

Avery had us up bright and early our first morning in Colorado.  I think she was excited to play with all of the toys we found in grandma Charlene's basement.  Here she is playing and watching the Disney Channel before breakfast. 
We got out and about around late morning.  We went over to... wait for it... SUPER TARGET to buy a big house humidifier because the air is so dry and makes you feel like crap in the morning.  We traveled 100s of miles to go to our favorite store!  I had to take a picture of Avery riding in a big red cart at the Colorado store. 
After Super Target, we stopped in the new Carter's store to buy Avery a couple fleece pajamas.  She needed some warmer gear for at night.  Then we headed over to Trinity Brewing for some lunch and a couple drinks.  Avery enjoyed checking everything out at Trinity.  She was in a great mood for lunch. 
Trinity makes great beer.  Eric absolutely loves this place.  Our favorite beer is served on cask and has a really great tropical fruit taste to it.  I know that sounds funny when it comes to beer, but you can taste all the different notes in it. 
Eric and I at Trinity.  We sat in the back area where they had some couches and coffee tables.  It was really relaxing and comfortable. 
Eric and Avery at lunch.
A cool wall hanging of all the beers Trinity offers.
Food and beer!  We split the BBQ chicken sliders and Belgium fries with home made beer mustard and home made ketchup.  It was delicious!

Being silly with my little girl.  I love her to pieces.
The girls laughing at lunch. 
It was a beautiful day in the 50s and it felt so good to walk around outside.  We stopped at the Great Harvest Bread Company next to the brewery to pick up a big loaf of pumpkin swirl bread. 
Here is a picture of Pike's Peak taken from the parking lot at the brewery.  You have this same view from Eric's moms house too.  This was the best picture I could get with my little camera.  I'm kicking myself now for not carrying around my nicer camera to get some good shots.  There is always next time. 
We had a good day.  After lunch and running around the springs for the day, we picked grandma Charlene up from work around 4pm.  We ate dinner at Colorado Mountain Brewery (another favorite!), then spent the evening at home relaxing and eating ice cream.  Avery enjoyed her night time bath with grandma and more of grandma's toys! 
More Colorado picture coming tomorrow! 

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