Saturday, October 22, 2011

pumpkins and stew

It has been a long time since Eric has been home with us on a Friday and Saturday!  We got up this morning and went for a nice walk through the neighborhood, had breakfast, got Avery down for a nap, and started preparing our food for dinner.  Dinner is Italian Hunter's Stew and we cooked it in the crock pot all day.  This house has smelled amazing all day! 

This afternoon we headed over to a local church that had a good sized pumpkin patch.  We wanted to take Avery over for some pictures and to pick out a few small pumpkins to decorate the kitchen table. 

Eric showing Avery a small pumpkin. 
She is more interested in watching the kids run around and play.  Next year she'll get to run and around and play with them! 
Avery and I with the sun in our eyes. 
Sitting in the dirt and checking things out.  Her pants got so dirty that we stripped her before putting her in the car. 
We put a bunch of small pumpkins in her lap and she didn't seem to mind.  She liked playing in the dirt. 
Sitting on top of a big pumpkin with the help of Eric. 
And she was clearly over it in this picture.  She hated the hay!  HA! 
Our three little pumpkins on the kitchen table all ready for fall! 
The Italian Hunter's Stew.  Recipe to follow. 
We are spending the evening catching up on this afternoons Nebraska Huskers game.  Have a great Saturday night! 

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  1. The husker game was a good one! Glad we actually showed up and won! I hope we do good next week also! My dad & brother get to go to that game! Go Huskers! (: