Sunday, October 9, 2011

storm and more fever

This morning I woke up to the sound of some loud thunder, heavy rain, and lots of lightening!  It was awesome.  We need the rain so bad. The only bummer was that this storm hit around 4:30am and it woke Avery up for the day.  Luckily she went down for a nap around 7:40am and slept until 10am.  I took a little nap too and then relaxed on my computer for awhile.  I was able to dress Avery in one of her cute Halloween outfits today since it was a little cooler out.  The rain lasted a good portion of the day, which made for a perfect gloomy cozy day inside!  I had my pumpkin pie candle burning all day. 
About an hour or so after waking up and taking this picture I noticed she felt warm again.  Sure enough, her fever was back.  I should have known by her mood... cranky, fussy, tired.  She took two more short naps this afternoon and was in bed for the night at 5:15am.  I hope she feels better tomorrow morning.  I want to get out of this house and do something fun (like go out to lunch, hint hint Eric!) with my girl! 

I'm off to bed.  Have a great night!

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