Monday, October 24, 2011

playing and ghetto dryer

We spent the day at home.  Well, except for our nice long morning walk.  We did lots of playing and picture taking.  I just love what her shirt said today!
Just hanging out and playing in the playroom. 
Cute close up of my sweet baby girl.  She doesn't look like a baby anymore.  She looks way too much like a toddler now and it kind of makes me sad.  She is growing up so fast. 
Rolo Brown joined us for some playtime. 
Standing up and pushing her baby stroller unassisted.  This was the first time she has done this so we got really excited!  She loves pushing the musical bear on the stroller. 
I thought I would share what my dryer looks like right now.  The knob totally broke off!  I have no idea how it happened. 
So the only way to make the dryer work, is to turn the skinny knob that is sticking out with some pliers!  Here is my ghetto set up to make it work. 
Tonight we had some tasty chicken tacos for dinner.  Avery took a pretty late afternoon nap so I know she'll be up a little later this evening.  Now if she would only sleep in for me in the mornings! 

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Monday!

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