Wednesday, October 19, 2011

she took a step!

Avery and I spent the early afternoon running some errands.  We stopped at the credit union to cash a few checks, Bath and Body Works to look around, and Target to pick up a few groceries.  Avery did really well today while we were out, except when I had her in the Ergo carrier.  She really doesn't like being in it anymore.  She just tries to fight to get out of it and cries.  She does pretty well sitting in the shopping carts, and sometimes in her stroller.  She was all happy and chatty when we got home from shopping. 
So Avery totally took one step today.  She has been looking like she was going to do it for awhile now.  She is just unsure of herself.  Today she put one foot forward, but right away lost her balance and fell.  But she still moved that foot forward while standing and landed on it before falling!  That counts as a step in my book!  So exciting.  This girl is going to be running around in no time, and I am going to go nuts. 

I got the disc of Avery's one year photo shoot in the mail today.  I love all the pictures!  I can't believe the one year package of photo shoots we got for Avery is complete.  We'll have to do something when she is 15 months.  I love having nice pictures done.  Check back tomorrow for a bunch of cute smash cupcake photos! 

Enjoy your night!

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