Monday, October 10, 2011

monday stuff

Last night I put Avery to bed at 5:15pm.  She has been so tired from fighting whatever it is she is fighting and having a fever.  She got up this morning at 7:20am.  I couldn't believe how long she slept.  The poor girl needed it I guess.  After breakfast, we took a family walk around the neighborhood.  It was nice out, not hot and overcast.  As soon as we got home, Avery was ready for her morning nap.  Yes, she wanted to sleep again after sleeping 14 hours last night!  I really hope Avery always stays a good sleeper. 

Once Avery woke up, we all got dressed and decided to go out and have lunch at Red's Porch.  That is our new spot.  I took some pictures before we left of Avery in her cute pumpkin shirt my friend Jenny made her.  Her business is Two Sisters Crafting and she makes the cutest stuff. 
Avery chowed down at lunch.  She went to town on some fried chicken strips and macaroni and cheese.  She can really pack it in, just like her mommy!  Makes me proud. 
When we got home after lunch, I left to go over to South Park Meadows to do a little shopping on my own.  I stopped at Carter's and got Avery a few new outfits and stopped at Target for a few groceries that we needed.  Eric and Avery napped while I was gone and got up right before I got home. 

We went over to visit Michael, Jenny, and Rhyan to give Rhyan her birthday present.  We visited while the girls played for a little while.  Avery let us know she was ready to go home and get a bath with her crankiness. 

Tonight after Avery's bath, I noticed that her chest, belly, and thighs had broken out in a rash of a bunch of pink spots.  We think it is roseola.  It makes sense with her fever lasting so long and as soon as it went away she broke out in a rash a day later.  From what we have researched, she isn't contagious with the rash but was with the fever.  It should go away in a couple of days and if it doesn't, we'll call the doctor. 

Eric and I enjoyed some veggie pasta for dinner and frozen custard for dessert.  We are just relaxing the rest of the evening.  Hope you had a great Monday!

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