Friday, February 10, 2012

pancakes, afternoon out, and smocked clothes

Eric had to work a really long day shift today, 7am to 10pm.  So Avery and I started our day off right with some yummy pancakes and fruit for breakfast.  I'm usually not a big breakfast eater, especially pancakes and waffles but lately I've been wanting them.  I don't make anything fancy, just some good old Bisquick pancakes!
After breakfast, playing, and morning nap we headed out for the afternoon.  Our first stop was for some lunch at Chickfila.  That is our lunch spot of choice!  We shared a chicken strips meal and a fruit cup.  Avery always loves people watching when we go there... lots of kids running around to watch.
Our first errand was getting some groceries at Super Target.  I picked up the fresh produce we need and some smaller items (stuff I can't buy in bulk at Costco).  We ran all our Target stuff back to the house to unload it, do a diaper change, let Rolo out, and give him some water.  Then Avery and I loaded back up into the truck and headed out to Costco.

As always, we bought a bunch of stuff at Costco.  I'm really good at sticking to my list of things we need and use on a regular basis.  I never go in there and buy random stuff because you end up dropping $500.  I buy a good majority of our staples at Costco.  I got super excited to see a jar of this fabulous Roasted Green Chile sauce at Costco today!
This brand of sauce is AWESOME!  It is a brand that Eric always used to buy in CO, and we have never seen it here in Texas.  It is something that we buy if we are in CO visiting, or we have Eric's mom buy some and send it to us.  I can't wait to make some roasted green chile chicken enchiladas soon!

Here is the back of the truck with all our goods from Costco... and Avery chilling in the back seat.  Yes, I have a cooler back there for milk and eggs.  It didn't get that warm today, but I am so used to having to bring the cooler grocery shopping because it is always so hot here!
I was putting away some of Avery's clean laundry and decided to pull out all of the new smocked clothing I have bought for her to wear this spring/summer.  I LOVE smocked clothing.  It is a southern thing for sure and I know it isn't for everyone.  Isn't it all so cute!  She will be wearing the strawberry dress for her 18 month pictures the very beginning of April.  This stuff is an expensive addiction.
Well, time to figure out what I'm going to have for dinner.  Have a great Friday night!


  1. HI! I ran across your blog while I was searching for something I saw at Costco, lol. But I wanted to comment and give you Kudos for keeping your little one rear facing in her car seat past her first birthday! Great job keeping your sweet girl safe!
    ~Becky Brown CPST