Thursday, February 2, 2012

love bug

This morning I dressed Avery in her little love bug Valentine's Day shirt for some pictures.  It is SO hard to take nice pictures of her now.  She is just all over the place.  And as soon as I have my big camera out with the big flash she just stares at me with no expression.  I need to do some research on how to best photograph kids that aren't too sure about the big camera!
The best smile I could get out of her.
Perfecting her door opening skills.
Trying to run away from me and my camera.
Back in the chair again for another try with no such luck.  Maybe we'll try the Valentine's Day pictures again another day.
My friend Vanessa and her son Everett stopped over for a little while this afternoon.  The kids played with all the toys while we talked.  I have some Italian Chicken cooking in the crock pot and it smells wonderful.  I can't wait to eat dinner tonight.  I'm serving the chicken and sauce over egg noodles.  I'm also going to steam some carrots to go with it.  I heart food.

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