Friday, February 17, 2012

spice shop and dinner

Today was just a dreary and chilly day.  Avery and I were supposed to go visit my friend Angie and her kids for a play date but we decided to reschedule for a nicer day.  Avery and I spent the morning playing at home and made a quick trip to Super Target before lunch.  Eric got home from a short special event over time shift around 1pm.  We decided to head downtown to Savory Spice Shop to get a bunch of new spices we needed/wanted.  Over the past couple of months we have cleaned out our spice cabinet and replaced everything with spices from Savory.  We LOVE this store!  Avery had a blast running around and exploring too!
The pretty spice shop.  I could seriously hang out in there all day long smelling and tasting everything.
Sitting on the store bench.

If you bring any old spice bottles or containers into Savory Spice Shop during the month of February, you get a $1off a new spice for each old spice you bring in.  We brought in 7 old spice bottles and got $7 taken off our total bill.  Avery loved helping add our bottles to the collection they had.
The owner of the shop, Karen, is so sweet and always talks with us whenever we come in to visit.  We always have a great shopping experience whenever we need to pick up some new spices.  The prices are fantastic (same as if you bought some at the regular grocery store, but MUCH better!), the staff is so helpful and will answer all your questions, the shop is adorable, and they have a really fun ramp to run up and down on in squeaker sneakers!  :-) Avery got her exercise in!
After our spice shop trip, we decided to get dinner out.  We went to the new Kerbey Lane off South Lamar.  I had no idea they moved to a new location.  It was really nice inside and the food was delicious as always.  We had to split some chips, salsa, and queso as an appetizer.
Avery enjoyed grubbing on her grilled cheese sandwich!  She also liked eating her pickle!
Here are all of our goods from the spice shop.  We are trying our new Dutch Cocoa Powder tonight as hot chocolate.
We are relaxing for the night.  I'm going to take a nice hot lavender bath before bed.  Happy Friday!

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