Thursday, February 23, 2012

lucy's fried chicken

Today was the first full day we had with my parents visiting.  We had plans on going to Wimberley for lunch and to explore around the town, but ended up not going.  The place we wanted to go for lunch didn't open until 4pm.  So we decided to stay around Austin. 

We had a relaxing morning with coffee, breakfast, and lots of playing.  Avery is loving having her grandparents in town.  Two extra fun people to play with and act silly with!  She has warmed up to them really fast.  I know my parents are just loving being here with her. 
This afternoon we headed into downtown Austin.  We stopped at REI because I needed to get my little redhead a nice rimmed sunhat to wear now that it is getting warmer out.  She turns pink after being in the sun for 5 minutes so we need to protect her sensitive skin.  Next, we stopped at Savory Spice shop.  I always talk to my mom about what a great little store that is and she wanted to check it out.  We got to visit with Karen the owner again, Avery ran around and had a great time, and my mom bought herself a bunch of new spices! 

For lunch we wanted to try a new restaurant.  We picked Lucy's Fried Chicken.  I love me some fried chicken!  Lucy's is located off South Congress.  We all got to try fried deviled eggs for the first time, and man they tasted SO GOOD!  We all shared a huge bucket of fried chicken, pickles, corn bread muffins, collard greens, mashed sweet potatoes, and red potato salad.  It was so delicious and we'll for sure be going back.  We learned today that Avery LOVES pickles! 
For dessert, we all split Avery and I ate a piece of S'mores Pie.  It was gone in about 2 minutes. 
I think she liked her pie! 
After lunch we headed home.  Avery needed an afternoon nap badly (she was getting restless at the restaurant).  Eric and dad stayed home and played video games while mom and I ran out to Walmart to get some groceries we needed.  We had an easy dinner of sandwiches and chips, followed by some Hello Dollies that my mom made for dessert. 

Have a great night! 

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  1. Sounds like you all had a fun day! The pictures of Avery are so cute!! Glad that you are enjoying your time. ;-)