Friday, February 3, 2012

evening trip to the park

Today was a good day.  After lunch, Avery and I went over to Hobby Lobby and Super Target to pick up a few things we needed.  Eric was at school for a couple hours so it worked out perfectly.

Once Avery and I got home, she settled in for a nice long early afternoon nap while I relaxed.  My best friend Angie and I started to text and she told me she was in the area with the kids.  She was spending the afternoon down south since he mom was flying in early evening.  I told her to stop over with the kids and visit.  They stayed over for a little while until they needed to head to the airport.  The kids played and we all chatted.  It was nice to have friends stop over unexpected... even if I was in my rattiest sweats and t-shirt I own!  :-)

Avery wanted her dinner around 4pm as always, and then we decided to head over to the park for a little while.  It was very warm here again today, and we have a good chance of thunderstorms tonight.  It is so humid out!  I brought my camera along to get some pictures of Avery having fun and playing at the park.

Here she is just getting out of her stroller and so excited to be there!
Walking up the stairs to the bridge and slide.
At the top before the bridge!
Walking across the bridge with the help of dad.
On top of the world!  HA!
Getting ready for me to catch her after going down the slide.
Doing some swinging.
Avery is in bed, and Eric is fixing us a really nice dinner.  We are having roasted lemon shrimp and green beans with red pepper risotto.  Eric stopped at Central Market after school to pick up a few new beers to try since they are having a big beer sale, and brought me home a little container of tiramisu!  I'm really looking forward to dinner and dessert tonight!

Happy Friday!

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  1. She looks adorable!!! Thanks for letting us stop by! How sweet of Eric to bring you dessert. yum!